How He Loves Us,
Revealing the Affections of God


You may know of Jesus and His sacrifice for you; but how deeply does it resonate in your heart when you turn and face your reality—a reality that weeps despair, heartache, shame, or regret? The antidote to the most shattered heart is through the intense and drenching love that only God can give. How He Loves Us is a story of love and restoration through the book of the Song of Solomon and the stories of eight very different women of the Bible. Christ’s love for us is passionate and restorative. His consistent affections will mend any pain and usher you into your calling. 

How He Loves Us is an in-depth study of God’s unchanging devotion and tenderness toward His people. The poetry of the Song of Solomon is broken down verse by verse with word studies in the original language. This exploration through His Word will offer you an incredible glimpse of your Heavenly Father’s heart. His message to you is ever consistent. His fondness for you is overwhelming. Spend time here in His truth, moved by His poetic affection, forever changed by His love. Here you will learn just how He sees you. Prepare yourself to be undone by His pursuit of you.

Formatted with reflective questions at the closing of each chapter, How He Loves Us is perfect for independent reading or a group study. 


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Book Reviews


Pamela W.

An AMAZING book showing God's great love for us. One of the best books I have ever read!!

This book is amazing! The author is so in tune with the Lord's heart for each one of us. The different women from the Bible and their experiences with God will draw you into a deeper relationship with Him. Every time I read part of this book it made me cry knowing how deeply He loves me. This is a must read for any person wanting to go deeper in their relationship with God.

Teresa G.

I had the privilege to attend several classes where this book study was being taught. It has given hope to so many. I remember the first one I attended; my thought was, “What have I gotten myself into?” I have avoided the Song of Solomon for 40 years or more. I am not a romantic and I have prayed for a Christian husband since I was young. To this day, I have never been married or even been in a relationship. This made me depressed and angry at God. I felt the Song of Solomon was for people who were happily married. I learned through How He Loves Us that this was not just about a relationship with an earthly husband. This was about a relationship between me and God. Going through this study in How He Loves Us was key to overcoming my depression and believing that my relationship with Jesus was so much more than I ever thought it could be. He loves me regardless of my faults and flaws. He loves me for who I am. 

Betty L.

I have always wondered why God would insert a romance novel (Song of Solomon) into the middle of the Bible and also wondered how I could know that God cares about my heart...sins and all. How He Loves Us answers both of those questions, analyzing the metaphoric language used in the Song of Solomon and by paralleling the chapters with the lives of specific women of the Bible. The figurative language used in the Bible has a deep and beautiful meaning as it relates to God’s pursuit of the heart of the Shulamite woman in Song of Solomon. The breakdown of the language in How He Loves Us, including the reflective questions at the end of each chapter, leads women into a deeper relationship with God as each of us begins to understand just how much God loves us and desires to heal and occupy our hearts. I now know why God inspired this book of Songs. He wants to show us pure and life-changing intimacy with Him. 

Melissa D.

How He Loves Us took me on a personal journey with the Lord that allowed Him to win my heart and capture my mind - transforming my walk with Him. Through this study, I realized how much God truly loves me. He has loved me from the beginning. The revelation that came through the message of How He Loves Us changed something in me. I fell so in love with Jesus that I had an overwhelming desire to know Him more and to be who He has called me to be. I fall more in love with the message of How He Loves Us each time I re-read it or share it with others. I’ve witnessed so many women be transformed through this book. It will light a fire in the heart of any believer. 

Eva Pierce

Executive Director
A Hand Up For Women

Every woman served at A Hand Up For Women comes to us feeling unworthy of love and out of the reach of God's grace. After going through How He Loves Us, everything changes. In the words of one graduate, “I now know that God loves me and I know what I'm worth.”

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