Out of Ashes Ministries
Statement of Faith

We Believe...

The Scriptures

The Holy Bible was written by divine inspiration as God’s revelation of Himself to us. The Word is without error, true, and trustworthy. Because it is living and breathing, it offers an intimate and personal encounter with our Creator. The Word of God is rich in offering both connection with God and wisdom for our lives. His Holy Scriptures supersede human reasoning and human logic at all times.


There is only one living and true God, and He eternally exists as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

God the Father

God the Father is love and reigns always in deep care over His creation and as the Godhead to the Trinity. He longs for a relationship with every person, pursuing all, desiring that none would perish.

God the Son

Christ is the eternal Son of God. Leaving the perfection of heaven, in His season gifted to us as a man, He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born of a virgin. He walked in perfect obedience to God, was crucified unto death on a cross as the flawless sacrifice for our sins, and was raised from the dead by the power of God, His promise, and His plan of redemption. Jesus’ sacrifice of love was completed for every person.

God the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the very Spirit of God made available and received by every believer who receives Christ as their personal Savior. The Holy Spirit convicts, enlightens, and empowers believers in worship and service to do abundantly and supernaturally above all than we can imagine.


God created and structured the family unit as the focus of all of creation. The family is a make-up of persons related by marriage, blood, or adoption. Marriage, created and defined first and foremost by God, is the covenant union of one man and one woman.


Our first and greatest commandment is LOVE. We have been called to go and make disciples in a broken world which involves loving even the most unlovable. Our determined purpose is to bring love to the most desperate lives, to empower them through a new understanding of their identity, and to reach them wherever they might be. Regardless of life choices, lifestyle, or sin, we are on a mission to bring the hope of Christ to all women.